The Song's the Thing

Ross was born and raised in Southern California. The Youngest of six in a family where Dad had classical radio on almost all the time and the older siblings listened to the Beatles, Ross listened to little else until Jr. High School. At age 9 he started french horn lessons and started trying to write music about as soon as he could read it. A little later his parents bought a piano and he started dabbling with songwriting. His first song was "Could Be Dandruff" - a spoof of Head and Shoulders commercials he wrote for the Dr. Demento songwriting contest.

In high school Ross's musical tastes expanded to include classic and (then) current rock. He got a guitar for his sixteenth Christmas and Birthday and formed a band with his best friend. Ross was in a short string of garagebands before discovering Bob Dylan at a concert in 1986. When Dylan walked out on stage alone with his guitar and 8,000 people fell silent as he sang "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall," Ross thought, "I'd like to be able to write a song that could do that."

In addition to studying music composition in college, Ross has since focussed on acoustic idioms in what he calls "the post-Dylan tradition." He has self-released three CDs as well as releasing two albums of material on line (see "Music"). In 2004 he was an award winner in the Social/Political category of the Unisong International sSongwriting Competition.

Ross has written songs and scores for two independent films and continues to write songs including being a frequent participant in Songfight! and participating annually in February Album Writing Month.